Walking Dead?”……………………..

thumbnailCA8FL0ZDA tsunami of watershed moments are about to descend on the planet in the age of Aquarius (which is an air sign).. so here’s some hot air about our future.

Last night I had a dream I was delivering faulty batteries to Dick Cheney’s house.

The dream continued with me producing a television special called:

“Dancing with the Walking Dead!”.

It starred Dick Cheney…Mitch McConnell…John McCain …Hugh Hefner … and James Inhofe who was on a respirator suffering from terminal lung disease and skin cancer from exposure to the non climate changing Sun!

This dream was not a pretty illusion …The last time any of the above got a hard on was with Betty White on “Golden Girls” in a house coat that accidentally showed her ankle.

Are we not over these relics…? Why does the supposedly advanced media still give old fools. who can’t pee without praying to their supposed maker, air time?

Air time to say such old school sh*t that it becomes the standard requirement of the late night comedy writers to follow.

The writers are charged with getting these quotes so they can get huge laughs from the “audiences of today”. People awake long after the old fools have drifted off to la la land in a stupor wearing their C-PACK breathing devices.

Rushing to hear what the jealous little losing geezer McCain has to say about killing people( who ever they are) in the name of protecting America from what ever is stupid and non productive!

It’s anger making as it’s just not where we want to be as a NATION in the 21st Century.

Giving uncharged war criminals any time or space to have an opinion like the horrible Cheney and Rumsfeld …who’re such disgusting liars and who are “barely living”proof of a total abject long-term military disaster, totally sucks!!

The fact that Cheney misappropriated billions of our tax payer’s dollars isn’t mentioned. Dollars salted away after making profit over the dead and the maimed Americans who were duped into fighting a war to nowhere.Where is the outrage David Gregory?..Call these bastards out on their pasts …not ask them about our futures…their opinions have rust written all over them…

Only scared old f*cks listen to this crap any more.

But “there the media goes again”… sticking these pasty-faced murdering old con artists up there in public to sprout their hatred of everything modern and Obama.

Of course Fox News is the biggest culprit and why not?….

An ancient Australian 83-year-old crock who runs the imitation Goebbels propaganda machine hell-bent on destroying the DEMOCRACY that has given his wrinkled old ass the freedom to do what he’s been doing.. Well f*ck him too!

Make no mistake the baton will soon be handed over…this is the plan as Murdoch runs out of alimony payments and breath… and as Cheney croaks during a power failure….we’re facing the next bunch of monsters……


The Koch Brothers, Scalia and the Supreme Court Cartel, Adelman,  Trump, The Pauls, Cruz, Rubio, and the rest of the billionaires bribery artists who want a “one party system.”..even if its two parties….they want ignorant walking dead puppets with strings attached.


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