“IRONY AGE”……………………..



The speculation as to just what Obama is up has risen to a fever pitch or has it?

The media seems to have missed the public apathy towards this war thing ..the outrageous is in the news rooms and on the teleprompters.

The “yes’ and “no” voting in the hearts and minds of pundits and mathematicians but not in the people rushing out to buy Wendy’s latest massive food pile-up known as a “break through fast food extravaganza”…

So let’s see what else is happening apart from World War nothing!

Miley Cyrus has been asked to donate her tongue to the Smithsonian…

Lady Gaga in an effort to top Miley’s tongue production will lip sync an entire number through her vagina…

It was so hot in Hollywood this week Joan Rivers melted.

Glen Beck in an effort to get some attention back will eat the head off a Hippie.

Ted Cruz has announced he doesn’t care about the truth as long as what he says sounds like it.

Sean Hannity says he doesn’t care about losing his show because of his ego as he’s planning to run for President of the World..

Elizabeth Hasselbeck has asked for a short summary of the Middle East situation she can look at during her manicure.


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