3dobama_306x325“Wow with these glasses you can see the entire Congress naked!!!”

Skeptics might say that Obama’s strategy has worked even if he didn’t have one…

Trusting Putin and Assad is not a good thing however…

Obama will NOT clutch at this current straw of apparent peace at once.

He will remain looking tough in a tough situation.

He’s dealing with a sniveling little mega rich butcher and a Russian leader with a Napoleonic complex twice the size of his dick.

Obama’s resolve and strength and apparent willingness to blow the living hell out of the Assad regime has paid dividends that he may have been looking for in the first place.

He will examine it with the precision it deserves.

This is the man who took Bin Ladin do not underestimate him folks.

Even his detractors from the LEFT will probably agree that what ever happens it is better than having Mitt Romney starting World War 3 with John McCain as Secretary of State…

THE JURY IS STILL OUT ON THIS. This country should pull together and not allow the TEA PARTY to pull it apart as it continues to overthrow sanity education and heath care.

But we must take into account that George Zimmerman has offered to shoot Assad…

It’s a last resort but worthy of contemplating.

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