PETGOAT DAY……………………………


September 11th  “The DAY OF INFAMY 2.”

Since that momentous day 1,000,000 people have died because a thoughtless incoherent fool had been illegally put in the White House by a rogue Supreme Court and some very obvious local Florida voter fraud.

This clown prince popinjay strutted around and, with his white corporate guys in suits, slowly turned the Clinton financially surplus legacy into a hopelessly badly mismanaged pile of junk bonds and unregulated Wall Street banking fraud.

All the time ignoring the tell-tale warnings of an impending terrorist attack…

Did these losers need a terrorist attack to take the minds of the American public off their realization that the man who cheated himself into the PRESIDENCY was completely inept and was saying this like “Let’s put food on every American”. Was he a draft dodger? Dan Rather lost his job saying that truth..Was he a drunk?…what was that device he wore during press conferences…were people putting words in his mouth?..well not stuff like:” I believe humans can commune with fish!”

The Bush stupidity was fast becoming the butt of endless late night jokes. Then a miracle happened that stopped the bleeding.

Some Saudis and a few other Arabs who never should’ve got as far as they did  due to the obvious warning signs ..blew up America.

**This attack was on The George W. Bush  watch…But he sounded, for a short while like a hero to the shocked masses. He posed about like benevolent Mussolini and the country fell for it. Support out troops..yeah but for how long and at what cost..?

But an arrogant idiot who lives by the sword can also die by that sword. Attrition set in as his utter hopelessness overcame even a whole news network that tried to make him look like Cary Grant on  steroids..

Almost a million people died in the 8 years after this first attack. They died on George W. Bush’s watch.

The wrongful illegal attack on a nation based on lies cost this country heavily in American military human life and Iraq in civilian casualties…

And it wrecked the economy while making Halliburton billions of dollars off corpses of our troops and the Iraq and Afghanistan i people.

This was ALL during the 8 years of the Bush watch!

GEORGE W BUSH was a glove puppet of the American Military Complex and the World wide oil cartels…nothing more.

He was and still is a mindless soulless dumb war criminal who still lives amongst us and who sleeps peaceful with an apparent clear conscience.

As do the hideous mentors of his power base and the destructors of America’s moral center Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove/ etc..etc..

That Fox Non News “Seditionistas” and even some of the main streamers allow these hideous old out of span war mongers the time of day to sprout their poisonous traitorous venom must show the state of our media’s mind-set.

In this day of pain..where are the criticisms of what transpired to make it possible for this nation to  have been so vulnerable as to allow such a Podunk group of Middle Eastern losers to blow us apart and change us for ever.

This will be the question most asked by historians who will undoubtedly lay the blame wholly on the pet goat of American Presidents..GEORGE W. BUSH.



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