jokhf2rSome days you just can’t be bothered..

Like today I can’t be bothered with whether a new royal baby looks like mommy or daddy..Right now its bald like daddy..

It’s tough to get bothered by the rantings of people like Ted Cruz who organized a massive “Stop Obama Care”rally …and the only people who showed up were 200 senile old racists and a couple of paid informers for the FBI looking for Ted’s father who some said was planning to blow up BIG government buildings and blame it on BIG government. 

I can’t be bothered with Miley Cyrus dry humping a construction ball…this idea went out in the 70’s on the Gong Show … and Cher did it in 3 videos..while she could still move her lips and her daughter shaved under her arms.

I can’t be bothered listening to the people who think Ben Afleck will be a lousy Batman. They’re gonna run out of people who want to play Batman soon..when they get down to Danny DeVito call me.

I can’t be bothered to read another story about George Zimmerman…..Did he get drunk and shoot a transvestite yet ? Did he try to buy his own Drone? Has he been seen at Ted Nugent’s endangered species massacres?

I can’t be bothered with what meat or sea food product Lady Gaga has decided to make her next a fashion statement with… I hope it’s not a giant clam..that visual belongs in Hustler.

I can’t be bothered with news about Jesus Christ’s quarterback disciple Tim Tebow…by now he might have guessed that God has forsaken him or at least is letting him know pointing up in the sky means nothing to God as he lives in a shack on the Island of Kauai.

I cannot be bothered at all by “Duck Dynasty” a popular reality show about guys with beards who shoot ducks while confusing them with imitation duck noises they’ve made themselves. I tried to pitch this very idea to CBS a few years ago and CBS called the cops and had me arrested for verbal terrorism.



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  1. Funny.

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