OBAMA OFFICIAL PORTRAITWhen you’re the “Commander-in-Chief “you had better be ‘commander’ and not some trumped-up little sissy in a flight suit strutting around an aircraft carrier with your nuts hanging out and saying “Mission Accomplished”…when nothing had been accomplished…This current American President ..what ever you think of him…just stopped a war… he didn’t start two…”cold hard fact”…not Fox News fiction…

The Right can try to spin this any which way with their hate filled seditious racist rhetoric but this is the “cold hard fact.”

Hey.. there is no perfection in this confection we call politics…

In the end we hope the GOP obstructionists fall into a giant sink hole of their own venomous making in their futile efforts to undermine their own country’s government.

They will fail to hurt America in its time of a new threat of more potential war!

They will fail in their stupid unwitting efforts to dissipating  the diplomacy needed in this time of need.

We who naively belief in hope…”hope on”..so give us a break….

We who try to trust in this current version of the Presidency are reminded that, however flawed it might be in some people’s minds, it remains a much better proposition than a McClain /Palin or a Romney/Ayn Rand one.

We who try to trust think that the use of a threat of the fire power of the American military is 100 % better than actually using it.

We who try to trust remember that this is the Commander-in-Chief who took out the #1 Terrorist in the World and avenged 911.

We who try to trust think the Russians and the Syrians might have “Googled” that “cold hard fact.” and don’t want to start up with an “exceptionable” black guy who may not blink but maybe just winks at adversity.

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