By now are we’re getting the strange creepy feeling that the Koch Brothers and the TEA PARTY zombies along with most major corporations want to do away with intellect entirely?

This includes “higher education” on behalf of the corps due to the dwindling American uneducated work force they need to survive …and “science” on behalf of Born Again Christians who want a return to clubbing women over the head and making them have white babies so as to survive as Jesus lovers.

This is the GOP credo for the ideal American society of the future.

“Brain attacks!!”

They need dumb ass docile non-union white idiots by the millions marching off to dead-end mass production jobs… Jobs that don’t have any future, no benefits, 10 minute lunch breaks ,and only pay enough to buy dog food and Wonder Bread.

But let’s stop and think for a moment…

Is this is the society the corporations really want ? If they’re into cheap mass production and manufacturing stuff and selling the stuff they’re making…what  other people will have enough money to buy their stuff?..

Where are those people with the money to do the buying coming from?

Hopefully that would be the middle class the rich and their Christian dupes are in the process of destroying by hoarding all those billions of profits and not putting any of that stash-cash back into the society they want to work for them…hmmmm….

Seems a trifle counterproductive heh?

Here’s a possible scenario.


“The gap between the rich and the poor becomes so large that the Rich decide to divide American up in two…


The middle class is gone gone gone gone…GONE!

The rich now live in ‘gated states.’….like TEXAS and NEW YORK and FLORIDA…The poor live everywhere else…but in California.

CALIFORNIA and the West Coast ‘go rogue’ and become their own independent progressive country. They are known as the SCANDINAVIA of the Pacific. They call themselves: “CALIWASHIGON.”

The rich have all the toys, all the yachts, all the Botox and all the money they invested . The Rich cannot possibly spend  all this money in 10 lifetimes because they already have everything..The Rich become really pissed off because nobody wants to do reality shows about them any more they’re so boring…


The Poor who have very little money and hardly any resources so they return to basics. They grow their own vegetables , they use the solar and wind power that’s available. They got all the books so the kids start learning real facts again…Christians who were abandoned by the rich when they didn’t need them any more wake up and smell the real JESUS…Their part of the environment gets better, The Poor start to realize their potential again…They see they don’t need thirty guns in every home…and they don’t even need cable TV. They make a new monetary system that includes money and bartering with cows. They become so interesting everyone wants to do more and more reality shows about them…


And as for CALIWASHIGON it just grows the primo weed that the rich and the newly independent poor and the rest of the World buys..

This makes it the wealthiest and most relaxed country in the World.

Then In 2043 CALIWASHIGON buys China and gives it to the guy who stood in front of the tank


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