We are facing stupidity and blind ego and we are laughing at it…well some of us are laughing at it. Others are worried that we are heading into a society where the lunatics will be running the asylum.

A livid boil on the ass of the GOP is a strange new TEXAS GRAND STANDER…

Ted Cruz is his name and ridiculousness is his game as he is surrounded in Congress and the Senate by the TEA PARTY CHILDREN OF THE GMO CORN…

Ted insists on making speeches that only appeal to a dwindling fringe of impossible mental midget’s who, along with Ted, want to overthrow the government and install a dictatorship along the lines of Attila the Hun.

These brainless examples of a really badly underfunded education system probably don’t know who Attila was …but then again if you asked to point out Pittsburg on a map they couldn’t.

THEY LOVE THE WORDS “DEFUND OBAMACARE” But if you asked them to explain Obama care they would look at you and tell you..”I don’t know what it is..but if Obama thought it up it’s a KENYAN Socialist plot to take away our guns and kill our unborn kids and our rights to eat hamburgers!”

Ted himself is the oddest of oddballs…He was born a Canadian with an American mother and a Cuban father…His father was a Communist and killed right wingers..Ted is a right-winger and would encourage killing Communists if he ever was given any real power.

The general GOP politicians don’t know whether to love him or hate him..

He just stands there and lies his head off….and then admits it..and the morons say they “respect his honesty”…kinda crazy logic in an idiotic kinda way,

For a while the pundits thought he was dangerous but now …like DAVE and JAY and the 2 Jimmy’s… they’re starting to think he’s hilarious…

He is after all from Texas …the land of Big Rick and Big God..

If the Koch Brothers succeed in taking over the country..they probably won’t go for Teddy Baby…Just a little bit too off his rocker and a tiny bit Canadian and you know what they do at hockey games…

No they’d like a nice docile puppet person…Is there another Bush in the house?


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