“FOX FACTS!”……………..


***It’s a fact that if Iran and Obama come to an agreement about anything Fox News will say Obama is “consorting with the enemy”…and If Iran and Obama don’t come to an agreement about anything then Fox News will say “Obama failed and is weak and couldn’t come to an agreement about anything”.

***All Fox News memos sent to Elizabeth Hasselbeck are translated into smaller words.

***Sean Hannity’s demotion was partly because of his refusal to throw out his collection of Kelly and Gretchen’s videos he took while they were greasing their legs.

***Wily old Rupert Murdoch has made a pact with the Devil to stay alive until the country elects Ted Cruz President.

***Roger Ailes is in rehab as he had an attack of conscience .

***Fox News has renewed GERALDO’s contract for another six inches.

***Brett Hume will be presented with prestigious “Mitt Romney One Dimensional Man” award next month.

Fox News is now not believed in over 90 countries.






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