eric_cantorRobbing the poor to pay the rich….A REPUBLICAN CREDO.

The question is:” How poor do the people have to get before they eat the rich.?”

The rate of hate for the under privileged is becoming so unreasonable that  the men and women of the CURRENT Congress appear to want to starve the poor to death to make up for the few who abuse the welfare system.

Cutting 40 billion plus from food stamps PROGRAM is kind of a modern-day holocaust where a whole entire social class, over time, might be wiped out.

There goes millions upon millions of democratically inclined voters…perhaps this is at the bottom of this scheme.

“Starvation and no health care.!!..”

“Cull the population!! …”

“Make sure the rest of the population are under fed and under paid”…

“Sounds like Orwell’s picture of the 20th century just taking a little longer.”

We need a caped crusader and his cohort…wait a minute we have that It’s a cool black guy and a crazy guy with hair transplants.

The REPUBLICAN MINORITY party strategy is:

“Let’s to continue to lose big time and then declare victory and hope that enough dumb bigots and the Ted Nugent family don’t notice !”

In the end Paul Ryan and the gang of supply side middle class assassins will wind up being herded by thousands of very angry villagers with nothing to lose into cattle pens. They will be given the choice…”eat slop or die!”

Being the moral and physical cowards they are they will eat slop..

The slop they  will be fed is Monsanto GMO processed so they’ll die anyway.

“What’s that nurse…its time for my meds?…well wait just a minute while I say a few words to my friend  Genghis Khan here…He and I discuss strategies on how we plan to invade the Carson City Wal-Mart…



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