random-thoughtsThe seeming debacle of Ted Cruz’s fraudulent usage of the filibuster was a very clever move on his behalf.

All of us who ridiculed in humor and those GOP’ers who were outraged missed his main objective.

National recognition on a huge scale with the general public hearing “Ted Cruz”..”Ted Cruz”…over and over again. He was falling on his sword a telling the press :”They can call me any thing they want…etc”

So as Time Magazine puts it this week he wins by losing.. Or that’s the plan. He wants top be the purest of the pure ..The “non decaffeinated” leader of the racist based Tea Party.He knew he couldn’t stop the law of the land,,he just jump started his run for 2016.

“The TEA PARTY” …The closest thing to a National Socialist doctrine since the 1930’s both in Germany and if you look back in time this country also.

In America in the 30’s there were massive Nazi rallies. The generations of immigration etc have dissipated this movement but make no mistake it’s still bubbling under the top 40.

These are the Ted Cruz troops :

**Bigots and racists of all stripes. (Including scared white people)

 **Fundamentalist “mental” Christian millions.(Same as above)

**Heavily armed militias.(same as above but with assault rifles)

**Nazi Skin heads…. and the Palin Family. 

For Ted to become President this would be his base, which, as of now, he owns along with RAND PAUL.

RAND has the disadvantage of not wanting to spend money on the military and having the worst hair piece since John Wayne in ‘True Grit’. 

Ted would need to become more moderate, get a new voice that doesn’t sound like Richard Simmons having his period, say something positive about anything, look less Canadian and have his Communist father either put in a home or deported to Cuba.

Having this man… who wouldn’t know a moral if it was included in an enema… as a man in power of anything more than small portion of TEXAS… is  as impossible to conjure as the thought of Dennis Miller getting into the Comedy Hall of Fame.

Cruz is a phony bologna…


TODAY IS MY 1000th  BLOG!!


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