The spectacle of drunk Congress REPUBLICANS staggering around the House cheering their efforts to take down the elected government of the United States is almost too surreal to write about.

However that is what happened this week.

One fool stood up and yelled ” LET’S ROLL!”…

These traitorous louts should get a life…rather than trying to interfere with the law of the land.

87% of the country dislike what this Congress is doing!


But we don’t think so..We think they’re paid lackeys of the Koch brothers. They don’t dare to countermand their malevolent masters. They need those big houses and those nice cars and their wives need those mega tons of liquid plastic and handsome tennis pros.

This attitude combined with their fake Christian morality… which is in complete disharmony with the teachings of their savior..and their hatred of the blacks..makes them the most despicable and heartless bunch of losers to ever to darken the doorways and the corridors of a free lunch and a pension for life.

This is what the current Supreme Court has foisted on the country it was supposed to protect.

The real insidious terrorists are the rightist majority in the highest court in the land. They let the corporate toxic Godzilla out of the underwater cave..and the greed and political bribery that followed has gotten us where we are today.

Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito are our Taliban.

They have been placed there to give America to the arrogance of  one party rule.

Will they succeed!

Tim Scott, Eric Cantor, Pete Sessions, Jeb Hensarling, John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, Kristi NoemI ORDERED BOURBON ON THE ROCKS FOR 320 PEOPLE HURRY THAT UP!


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