If ever a political party miscalculated a country’s mainstream ideology today October 1st 2013 will become the watermark in history of that miscalculation.

To play to its own radical ignorant minority base…by all accounts a mere 15% of the general public… the GOP leadership has recreated the “Charge of the Light Brigade”…


Only in the current storyline the Republican Congressional drunks and Lemmings it’s over 300 men and woman riding a cocked horse to their certain doom and not a Russian cannon in sight…

Just a Canadian Cuba pseudo American pip squeak with a God complex shooting blanks…

That these losers are so blinded by their greed and their hatred that they can’t see this is almost impossible to believe. But it is right here before us in the unmitigated counter productive and economically dangerous and preposterous spiteful actions they have embarked upon.

Has Obama has laid back and let this happen?

He couldn’t do what they wanted him to do which is break the law of the land that he has fought so hard to make happen.

They asked the impossible ..which, to any one with a brain, can see is what the House leadership knew would be the outcome all along.


Let the fringe celebrate their “victory” which is as hollow as the sink hole they will fall into come time to get rid of their sorry bigot asses and get the country back from their bullying bullshit and their open racism which is just not what the America I love ever was …

Thank the Imaginary Guy in the sky that Obama says the funding for the military stays in place. .but he added they can’t have any bullets or parades.

Meanwhile Boehner says drinks are on the House…and Ted Cruz has ordered a crown.

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