“HOT TONGUE.”………..


A great deal has been written about Miley Cyrus’ tongue.

Is what she is saying by hanging it out there so much: “I’m just a little slut!” or does it have a more profound and lasting message?

We think the latter.

Miley is saying : “Fuck you society.!! I’ll show you today’s society !!”

“This is the 21st Century things are different”…

“You think Madonna spoke for the 80’s and 90’s ?”..

“Well Miley stands for today..the internet porno generation!”

“With a touch of a key you can go into any kind of a sexual deviants world you so desire!  From child porn to granny porn..from same sex porn to Geraldo porn.”

Miley is just a mild and gentler way of describing where sexual society is today.

Miley is NOT shocking to today’s teens …she is playful…she is aggressive she’s humorous and she’s a very smart little semi heathen cookie.

She “twerks” herself all the way to the bank!.

She’s turning ass into gold!

She’s a satirical look at guys of all ages wet dream’s for a date with a much younger willing to do anything woman..and Miley lays it on with a steam shovel. 

Mick Jagger’s tongue record cover in the 60’s and the Kiss tongue action in the 70’s show us nothing is new as far as gainful extremities profits are concerned.

Miley is just “recycling tongue.”..and throwing in some buttocks as a bonus.

So she’s nothing but a “Miley Face” with a tongue hanging out but really a tongue firmly based in her cheek…



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