“WAKING UP!”…………………


For those of you have been in a coma and the meds have finally worked here’s what’s happening.

Are you ready for some editorial football?

While you’ve been brain dead…your country has been under a virulent attack by radical right wing extremists!!

These vicious extremist forces are intent on weakening the elected government of the United States and rendering its President powerless in order to impose its twisted minority racist will on the people it professes to speak for and represent.

These forces blame various racial minorities the gay and the poor as their main scapegoats.


This usurper to the crown of the Speaker-ship of the people’s Congress has ascended to recent power by the blatant use of lies and inflamed rhetoric.

This attempted coup is funded by wealthy industrialist and has an enormously powerful media machine behind it.


Sorry I was just messing with your head…everything’s okay…

Breath easy..

THAT WAS THEN… GERMANY in the 1930’s….

It can’t happen here..we’re a Democracy and the people won’t stand for it….


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