When a recent argument on Face Book took place it was a perfect example of the ludicrousness of the current shut down.

The point being made was a simple one..

When asked to explain why their CONGRESSIONAL representatives shut down the government the majority of registered REPUBLICANS said: ” It’s because we want to stop Obama care and get rid of Obama!”

When it was explained  to them that neither of those items were at all feasible as both were now the constitutional laws of the land and impossible to fulfill… the  most  popular retort was :” Oh yeah..well you’ve  got a fat ass!”

Constructive if you’re 11 years old boy just turned down for a prom date…

The new REPUBLICAN person today is a very different one that the older version.

These modern moronic idiots have been fed 10 years of the kings of cruel and unusual insult comedy… Hannity and O’Reilly.

These indoctrinated zombies actually sprout exact quotes from their idols to describe their points of view. A point of view these saps don’t have as their brains can only cope with the simplistic negatives thrown at them like “live bait” every night by these slime jockeys.

IN ANOTHER FORM OF THIS take Michele Bachmann for an example of an idiot who answers any tough question with statements that have absolutely nothing to do with the question she’s asked …she just continues on her train  of thought oblivious to everything but the sound of her own rat shit…

She is… one might say… “UN-interviewable!”( I made this word up.)

She is an insult to her own lack of intelligence.

You might say “Why are there no RiGHT WING COMEDY SHOWS?”

There are!! ….but they are unintentional….

“Fox and Friends “spends every morning finding ways to put down Obama and DEMOCRATS with the subtlety of a Ted Nugent Rock n’ Roll concert in Alabama.  It’s just downright hilarious as long as you have a barf bag present.

If Steve Doocey isn’t the funniest news fool on the planet then I’m wearing a print dress right now….

And now God love him …he’s joined by Elizabeth HASSELBECK…

Hasselbeck a woman who’s daily quotes are currently being filed in the Comedy Hall of Fame.

Somewhere out there in secret camps the GOP is training morons in the art of complete non-committal ass wipe insult comebacks.

“You are a Muslim loving socialist Nazi with unfashionable pants!”

You’re a latte drinking gay marriage planning Prius owner who plays field hockey!”


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