“Idiot junction!”……………..


Reading today how Fox News has fallen for another satirical website’s reporting on Obama’s actions regarding Muslim exemptions from the shutdown cuts makes one think Fox  have reached a tipping point.

The FCC should demand Roger Ailes uses a laugh track on Fox and Friends

Reporting utter bullshit as real news however is a penchant of Fox News…now they’ve gone the full Monty on satirical revelations. The sickness in this however is the fact that their viewers will believe anything they tell them to believe…so what  does it really matter if its bullshit.

Its Idiot Junction on the corner of Stupid Street and Avenue of the Morons.

Fox News has succeeded in weeding out the indolent and the insolent, the  complacent and the Neanderthal from them rest of us. They’ve added bigots and armed militias and put them all together as the demographic from hell.

Its possible, in some parts of the country , if you happen to be in a Denny’s  that’s playing Fox News on its flat screens and you ask to watch MSNBC the customers might take you outside and feed you to rabid hogs…

But that of course is satire for you.

stupid_tattoos_cool-ice             A composite of a Fox News demographic viewer


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