“POLL DANCE”………………

Wisconsin BudgetObviously polls don’t count when denial of reality takes second place to a zombie like trust in your own pathway to victory.

When polls show that your popularity is lower than that of having a flaming dildo shoved up your place where the sun don’t shine… you’ve got a problem and you’re not even in Houston.

The difference between Obama continuing not to blink and Mister Boehner continuing to drink the nectar of Koch Brother’s hate cocktail might spell doom for the SLURRING Speaker of the House

Nothing short of a complete capitulation of the President’s agenda seems to be the way to satisfy this lust for power by a small bunch of racist Fascist with the Speaker of the House being their BENEDICT ARNOLD

Never trust person in power with two first names!!

Johnny is a true American traitor ready to take his country into default for no good reason. A yellow coward with an orange tinge…the backbone of Gumby.

No good reason? … Of course there’s a “good reason”.

It has to do with a corporate power grab of monumental proportions plus a rising tide of radical racism combining to burn a subliminal cross on the White House lawn.

Both the power of Democracy and the power of the executive are being challenged right now by a small and well-financed bunch of internal terrorists whose demands can never be fulfilled without a total humiliation of the current leader of the Western World.

The consequence of these destructive actions seem to be beyond the strategy of these people hell-bent on this destructive path.

They seem to have the ‘Custer’s Last Stand’ brand of confidence …

They too will be enveloped in the result of a default ..the arrows will be in their backs too…but they don’t seem to see this as they blindly, and with the supreme confidence of a suicidal charge against a better armed and massive foe, rush forward to their impending doom.

When the country goes into default and their base can’t get any beer or bullets and NASCAR goes bankrupt…. the elitist leaders of this attempted take over might find themselves in a world of hurt.


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