“ROGUE NATION!”……………..


It occurs to some of the more panicked that we maybe facing the most serious attack on the nation’s psyche ever!

In all the years we’ve been following politics this is the most concerted threat to the stability of government as we know it.

We are not just under constant attack from the rogue minority in Congress but by the rogue rightists on the Supreme Court..

Scalia actually thinks the Devil is real..actually he only has to look in his pants to see the devil…Alito, Thomas, and Roberts on the other hand somehow got on the Supreme Court while the entire country was asleep and have the combined qualifications of unemployable tail gate cooks to attempt at being fair and impartial…they are unworthy of the highest legal jobs in the land…

For the record….We know the Congressional “ideological” rogues are being paid under the table fortunes to be just that…

The TEA PARTY are bribed to block n’ roll……

They are not the fanatics they say they are..

They’re “Good Fella’s “in sheep’s clothing…the corpo-rogue’s shock troops.. their only “ideology” is the promise of big bucks…bigger houses and paid visits to Mistress Magnolia and her 300 whips.

We suggest they’re greedy pigs ready to take the country down on orders from their unelected Fascist masters.

“Rogue Congress+Rogue News net+Rogue Supreme Court=”THE NEW COSA NOSTRA!”….

We are back in the days when organized crime made a concerted effort to take over the machinations of government.

We can take heart that criminal organizations always…in the long run get over taken by their own arrogance and perceived infallibility and wind up fighting amongst themselves and self-destruction under their own lack of understanding the need in most people’s hearts to want a level playing field.

A few days away from the modern Mafia’s wet dream !

Chaos that can bring them immense power…

Where is Elliott Ness when you need him.

imagesCAX6PMCS                                          “I just killed a bug!”


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