Continuing on a theme started on this blog..we can now see the pattern of the anarchy being allowed into the limited psyches of the walking brain-dead average REPUBLICAN voter.

When convicted con man and jail-bird Tom DeLay is quoted as saying Ted Cruz is “an American hero” and a “real American” we can see first hand the completely unreasonable footprint dialogue that the Fox News and right wing  radio will take.

Logic is therefore thrown into a swirling turmoil of confusion for the GOP faithful.

They cannot equate listening  to their”heroic” people telling them they’ve won a “great victory in defeat” …and reconciling the loss $ 24,000,000,000 of their tax payers money to the actions of the “heroic” people they trust.

To them this is completely  unreasonable and probably “caused by Obamacare.”

The fact the “Goebbels like spin” that their hero Ted Cruz was right in trying to take down the government and stop all social services and degrade his country into a default is completely unreasonable is beyond their range of comprehension.

Or are we missing something here…?

It’s not quite the equivalent of saying the Jews are an inferior race and should be illuminated…but along the same lines of  “It can’t be us..we’re exceptional.”

Once again millions of foolish scared white people are being duped into believing that their government is against them and a bunch of total lunatic fringe con artist losers are their salvation. Tom DeLay?  give us a break…

Once again

Once again …the Fox faithful will vote against their own best interests…

They will vote for people with no plan other than destruction and the end of all worthy regulations that are vitally important for the survival of our society. They will do as they are told for their “freedom”


Just look what electing even a minority crowd of these completely unreasonable anarchists has done to America …holding it back…stopping its progress …making it lose credibility…


Go suck on a lemon tree!!!


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