A show biz story in two parts ….

Toronto 1967.

So many Canadian directors and writers who worked at the CBC has left and gone Hollywood..they were producing the Smothers Brothers and writing specials for Danny Kaye and Judy Garland etc.

This Aussie boy writer was the recipient of the gap left by this spate of Hollywood hiring.

One of the specials which I gained through all of this was a really big one.

It was to create the format and write a special called “THE ROCK SCENE LIKE IT IS!”

The superstars of American Rock n’ Roll were coming to the CBC in Toronto.

The Doors , the Jefferson Airplane, Dionne Warwick, Sergio Mendez and Brazil 66, and Eric Anderson. It was massive and the host was Brian Epstein the Beatles’ manager..

Little old moi was the single writer and as such I was corresponding one on one with Brian on the phone and by mail…

As the show got closer to production Brian Epstein was found dead on his bed. Was it suicide or was it an overdose?

We received a letter from Brian the next day which said how excited he was to be coming to Canada….proving it wasn’t suicide. Holy Moley..the show was booked …the acts were on their way… what to do?

Director Producer Bob Jarvis called Hollywood and the CBC  hired Noel Harrison to host. He was doubly hot with “The Girl from Uncle”  and his “Windmills of My Mind” hit single.

So Noel shows up in Toronto and the Aussie kid and the British son of Rex meet and it’s an instant Windmills of our minds karma…we seemed to be joined at the rock n’ roll hip.

The show was a smash hit for the CBC …and Noel said “You’re coming to Hollywood and working with me!”

Standby for tomorrow’s continuation of one hell of a Hollywood story which will be known as :”MY FIRST DAY IN HOLLYWOOD!”

God love you where ever you’ve gone and keep you Noel in glory…and thank you pal …


2 Responses

  1. Why don’t you write a book!!

    • in the middle of it….thanks…cb

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