“JUST JOKING”……………….

evolution-of-gopIf you read some of my face book raves today and yesterday you will see a diatribe of explanations and copy and pasting of dire warnings…

We have been at a self-imposed forecasting front line for a while now and others are catching the artificially sweetened smell of the culmination of several years of the conspiracy to destroy the central government of the USA.

THE CONCERTED EFFORT to annihilate the rule of government law  we’ve grown to honor and replace it with some form of dehumanized corporate hierarchy is upon us..It is out in the open

We are in the first embryonic days of a new civil war.

In other words it’s a 1% billionaire’s wet dream of white supremacy where a slave multitude does the bidding of its master race.

The rich who got there by being  smarter and wearing better shoes than everyone else are conspiring to rip this country another type of political asshole!

The disgusting and cynical way in which the GOP Majority in Congress voted to cut the food stamp program SNAP by billions of dollars was done to show it could be done.

We let it…we let them in to wreak havoc.

It was done to prove to the monsters of Wall Street that government is unable to stop their right wing juggernaut of obstruction and destruction.

Even when they are not in the power seat in Washington and are vastly unpopular with the regular tax paying American…they persist like a nasty rash.

But it will be stopped because I have a plan.

It will start by using humor. We will organize millions of fun-loving Americans to walk into banks , stock brokers offices, Congress and all other forms of Right wing meetings and debates and just be funny.

All these millions will have to do is just sit there quietly and laugh derisively.

There is no law that covers “laughing in a public place”.

Laughter is contagious. It will swell up from coast to coast…Republicans essentially do not have a sense of humor it’s their Achilles heel…

Yes…they are unintentionally funny…but they just don’t understand jokes…they are jokes…

Like Dennis Miller is about as funny as a fire ant infestation in your pants.

They will have no counter to being laughed at. Some might  turn and see the ridiculousness of their leaders…but don’t count on it…

Millions of these fools cannot see Ted Cruz as the “clown” or Rush as the “buffoon” or Sean of the Dead.

Palin is not seen as a “stooge” and Hasselbeck is now seen not Miss South Carolina.

The cast of “Unknown to Themselves Comedians ” is a long long list…think about it….and have a chuckle…


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