Killing Education!”

chris-christie-427mh012411                “HEY TEACHER YOU WANTS SOME OF THIS?”


Governor Chris Christie …average families should understand… is hell-bent on killing the pubic school system in his state and replacing it with charter for profit schools. Schools run by corporate think! Schools where education comes in 4th after *profits, *religious doctrine and *crappy cheap cafeteria junk food for the kids.

His demographics were largely based in the family values column.

FACE IT FOLKS!….He’s a smart thug..nobody said there weren’t wise guys in the MAFIA… Chris Christie is NEW JERSEY corrupt!

He’s parlayed off a smart internal operation of seemingly moderate benevolent moves while staying WAY in the conservative fold.

“THE BEAR HUG” of respect he needed came with his calculated walking with Obama during the Sandy disaster…

The perfect storm for perfect wise guy stuff…If people spent time looking into the way things have been handled in the rebuilding stages of SANDY, they might see an incompetent mess with a slow slow recovery. Christie seems to have come unscathed from this…strange but true.

See movies like “Casino’ and “Good Fellas” to understand gangster mentality.

Christie is a CLASSIC CLEVER user…a grabber of positive publicity when needed but he has always been essentially an old school money under the table mob boss type.

He’s a sweet talking bully who will turn on Obama when the time comes and  when he doesn’t need that legit hit any more, just like he’d turn on his friends when and if they get in the way.

As the Fox News peeps build a big old wall of adulation around their new wide white hope we should be aware of who this man really is….Christie is  apart from being a woman-hater also a union hater and he’ll be in the Koch Brothers money camp as soon as those 2 Fascists realize he’s the  choice of the majority of GOP voters.

It’ll be a pact made in hell like a “dividing up of the spoils” Mafia style. Like it used to be Italians over there, Jews over there, Irish over there. Only this time it’ll be Tea Party over there, Evangelist Christians over there, Corporations over there,NRA over there.

CHRISTIE is a much more  dangerous proposition to the future direction of this country than extremist lunatics like Ted Cruz who cannot even come close to winning a general election. This last election go around saw the DEMOCRATS score some victories which may decaffeinate the TEA PARTY.

Conjure up thoughts of this brash brutus Christie in charge of woman’s rights, the direction of the education system in public schools, health care and even more scary nuclear weapons.

Christie may cast himself as the voice of the people…but that’s not what he is and he’s never been that. He is the voice of big money and big business. He is out to destroy unions  as he’s out to destroy the public school system . The dumber the people the easier to control…

That he’s been able to dupe so many of the people in his state into thinking of him as a moderate is beyond belief but face it as we said he’s smart…We should remember his Democratic opposition in this recent election was miniscule so it remains to be seen when he gets truly tested.

Al Capone and John Gotti were smart but they became so arrogant that they thought they were above the laws of the land. We can only hope that there will be a moment in time when somebody out there in Wiki-leak Land gets the goods on him. He is not to be trusted.

Ted Cruz’s new fight for the hearts and minds of the GOP voter will be “Vote for me ..I’m thinner!”  It might be Ted’s only hope.

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