OBAMA OFFICIAL PORTRAITMany of the current members of the main stream media are, as of today, a bunch of overreacting lying, fabricating elitist bullshitters…and those are their good points.”

This last week we’ve been subjected to some of the worst examples of the corporate media’s attempts to assassinate the character of the President of the United States and his policies through fake news reports and falsehood’s.

The level of intense and untrue criticism from all sources seems unprecedented and a complete over reaction of vitriol beyond any normal realistic and thoughtful reason.

We’re dealing with computer glitches and wrong information not nuclear war here folks…

We’re dealing with corporate insurance company’s attempting to sabotage the law of the land…of possible cyber attacks from unscrupulous GOP hackers and a traitorous extremely unpopular Congress hell-bent on trying to sabotage the law of the land.

This is about not two long running corrupt wars that cost a trillion dollars and many innocent lives.

ACA is there to try to save lives not bomb them into oblivion.!

The PRESIDENT may be guilty of the minor mistake of trusting computers  and the people working them … He may be guilty of not explaining the inner most workings of a complicated but necessary law that will help millions…but he is not what the press is attempting to paint him as being.

So the rapid and wrongful press overkill reeks of the Beltway’ need to sound and be elitist even at the expense of the simple truth.

They obviously are going the ‘Fox News oblivious to any really researched politically expedient anti Obama mode.’

Somebody has started to call even CBC “Fox2″…this is not right, CNN is now “Fox2”. “Meet the Press” is “Fox3″…so take your pick of the rest of the “Fox copy carts” wheeling and squealing their way through the character assassination of our first black President.

UNDER IT ALL …WHAT EVER ANYONE SAYS…and you can call me what ever you want for saying this…but most of these pseudo centrists and Washington beltway news bastards like Gregory , Chuck Todd and Wolf Blitzkrieg are really subliminal racists who secretly want to bring the black guy down…

The black guy who’s got their number..

The black guy who stands before them at press conferences and has the right to point a more powerful Presidential finger at them than they can point back. He has their balls in a tight grip to all they can do is gripe!

We’ve come a long way baby…but not far enough…

We are exposed to what we really are and what we really feel ..and the powerful black man stands there knowing it and having to dealing with it.

What a task to ask a man to deal with.

Obama is indeed a very special black man and warts and glitches and all I’ve got his back how about you?


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