Below find some of the more despicable people who need to taken away and placed where they can’t open a mouth any more.

s-TEXAS-BUDGET-DEFICIT-large300RICK PERRY .. who is perfect for TEXAS if you want TEXAS to be an ugly wart on the face of an American state. He is about as articulate and informed of the world outside a set of cowboy boots and spittoon as a recent recipient of a frontal lobotomy. He filled a stadium last year with Christians who prayed for rain to ease their TEXAS drought with him …and the whole state went up in the flames of giant brush fires.( Check this out its true) Figures!

r-PAUL-RYAN-BUDGET-PLAN-hugePAUL RYAN…a man who has never seen a poor family he doesn’t want to starve to death. His love of Ayn Rand is only surpassed by his hatred of Social Security and the chance to wipe most older Americans off the face of the American deficit roles. We can only hope he’ll be surrounded by angry as hell senior citizens who will run over him 3,000 times with their walkers providing the country with the “first slow death by the viciously handicapped!”

imagesCASS1OF6DONALD TRUMPET. Who only becomes violently and insanely politically active around the time of his TV show pick up or the rating sweeps.. At that time he makes statements that are sure to send the right-wing press into frenzies of stupid over the top sound bites and the rest of the media into meaningless lengthy interviews where they allow him to use the words” I am” at least 300,000 times. It is also a great time for the late night show hosts to do bad hair jokes. Donald subsides into his ego tent upon pickup…


Musket-3ALLEN WEST.. This black man has had his brain replaced with sawdust and pigeon droppings. Other people of his race have been desperately searching family trees and genetic histories trying to find a link to Allen’s DNA proving his ancestry is not African but either Eskimo or from the planet Uranus. His hatred of Obama is so deep he owns a rubber voodoo doll called “Barry” which he throws to his dogs every night. His jealousy has turned him green around the genital areas.

MicheleBachmannMICHELE BACHMANN…We were debating whether to use this shot of Michelle fella-ting a corn dog…then we said “what the hell…the woman has been fella-ting her job for years”. Michelle has been quoted recently in agreeing with such popular positions as “child labor being a good thing.” The height of the current 7% popularity of the REPUBLICAN PARTY RUN CONGRESS is probably caused in part by remembering this hopeless hypocritical hateful numb skull is on the United States Congressional Intelligent Committee.

thumbnailTHE ROMNETTES.. They paint the ultimate picture of the immaculately mindless behavior of the elite. These are people who have always has so much money they are about as much in touch with the average person as God is with Bill Maher.

c59b4ce29110e11c010f6a7067003222LITTLE KOREAN KIM. This evil little sh*t took over the impoverished North part of Korea from his father “the big sh*t.” Kim likes basketball, Elvis and executing 80 people at a time in stadiums. His idea of diplomacy is to invite  Dennis Rodman to a Yummy Korean Barbecue lunch and threaten Los Angeles with nuclear annihilation..which sounds good on paper as a threat but it’s not that good for basketball.

11055ROB FORD..The mayor of Toronto..a super star of crack…a crazy coot who’s giving crazy coots an even bigger place in a media freak out…Rob’s taken the reputation of Canada from being a nice gentlemanly place to live to “the country most likened to be like Larry Flynt’s living room.” Last week he added to his luster by denying that he’d eaten one of his staff’s pussy’s. His denial included the information that he had “enough of that action at home.” The Canadian press said his wife was satisfied with that statement.


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