GOP senator John Cornyn from the “demented state of TEXAS” stated that the Iran  Nuclear accord was an Obama plot to divert attention from Obama-care. 

This was said seriously by a middle-aged white man in suit with a haircut and a shave.

We hear that Lindsay Graham was so angry he threw the plate of pancakes at his doting mommy causing her to tell him to go to his room with no weekly allowance.

John McCain drove his car into the front window of a Target … they were not sure whether that was in anger or just senior  moment driving as he’d done the same thing on two other Targets and a Burger King.

Rush Limbaugh was so pissed off he swallowed his tonsils and had to have them removed by a pr-screened extremist Right Wing surgeon.

The tonsils were immediately bronzed and put in a place of honor at the CREATIONISTS MUSEUM..

Israel has asked Deli’s across America to close for a bagel less day of mourning.

Chuck Norris says he’ll go ahead with his invasion anyway.

Sarah Palin has hired a team of international experts to show her where Tehran is on the map yet again and to explain that Farsi is a language and not a falafel condiment.

Fox News is planning an Elisabeth HASSELBECK special report titled: ” Why Nuclear War is Better than Obamacare!”

Dick Cheney says he has photos showing Obama facing Mecca on several occasions.

CNN is waiting to see what vile insidious RACIST insults Fox News can heap on the PRESIDENT before going them on better.

Anti War guy Rand is confused…he won’t endorse any progressive contaminated Obama peace…and will now demand an American troop withdrawal from  Pittsburgh.

Other country’s involved in the peace accords have asked the GOP to blame them also for peace breaking out!!…

It seems this “peace blame” works in the countries that have great healthcare plans for their people.

“All they are saying is give HEALTH and well as PEACE a chance.”

Some think the REPUBLICANS look very churlish, childish and ridiculous today in the eyes of a World struggling to find a common ground.

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