Here come the Pilgrims….Illegal immigrants with no papers…

They left the old country because they were being religiously persecuted!

They persecuted the locals in their new home to try to make them believe in their religion….

They came to a new land…but they called it their old country name( New England)

They brought no wisdom and only brought unknown diseases with them.

They had no skills to live off the land and many starved in their ignorance.

The ones that survived were helped by the locals…

The survivors betrayed the locals …

The colony created a cult like extremist religion dynasty based on fear and sexual repression led by frustrated old men.

The colony barbarically and publicly burned women at the stake for trumped-up devil worship charges..

They believed they were the chosen children of God put on the Earth to be its savior.

This dear friends today would be called  a Palin Presidency.


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