exorcism1“This the cross of Jesus who died on it for our sins, it’s great not having any ..thank you JESUS! …




You know what makes me angry.?..

We think we live in a civilized country …but we have some stuff going on here which belies this.

Other highly developed countries take care of their senor citizens almost completely. They revere them and respect their rights. In this country however there’s  a powerful movement to deny these rights to America’s seniors.

Why is this?

I searched for a reasonable answer..Politics?..religion.?..budgets?

The answer is however that the Right-Wing in this country are a bunch of fearful indoctrinated ungodly morons.

I would move to Denmark “The happiest country in the World” but I don’t want to freeze my ass off…

So I guess I’m stuck living amongst ungodly bastards..

**Readers of this blog of course are not ungodly..and hopefully are not morons.


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