cropped-chris-final-pic-21.jpgWhen in doubt remember your beginnings…I had four years of being host on an Aussie kids show…”Small Time”

I learned a great deal ..and still have a lot to learn as we all do.

A 5-year-old guest told me one day: “My dad says you don’t work.”

I said back to him..”Well you tell your dad to come and do this for a day and I’ll go do what he does and we’ll see what he thinks this is then.”

Smalltime-webTo tell the truth his dad was right in a way…for my “work” for nearly 50 years has always been my pleasure.

Laughter heals most of us who’ve been wounded by life…Add a little music and we can wind up with something that just works a little better than self-pity and self-doubt…

“Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus” in most of us…

Hopefully this is the time of year when your own personal Santa can come down your chimney and bring you some peace of mind and the gift of love.




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