StageLights                     “THE SOUND OF MUSIC” WAS AN NBC  RATINGS HIT

This proves there’s no accounting for taste. Was this the Jerry Springer demographic plus the frontal lobotomy crowd added to families who pray together to stay together.??

Did this also includes viewers who buy a lot of those drugs they advertise that can cure you or give you butt boils, make you senile or cause blindness and suicide??. and viewers that eat at McDonald’s and ask questions about diabetes later…And of course did this include good old American families who just want to forget about car repairs and black people taking over.

Critics said Carrie Underwood should have had the board removed from her back!.. She was so stiff you could put her between two chair and use her as a bench.

Some critics said Carrie’s performance made the commercial breaks a welcome relief.

Some people said “The hills were not alive last night”…

Other critics said :”The set designer lacked a clear understanding of perspective and what trees really look like.”

Others said the lighting needed new batteries.

Rumors were that Carrie’s had “Julie’s blessing” but it must’ve been during a sedation at the dentist.

As far as Carrie’s acting even the Pope blessing wouldn’t have saved her.

Clearly the Nazi’s came out on top in this production.

***NOTE . In the “no accounting for taste department” please find below some of the TWITTER vitriol accorded some of my comments on the web from various irate Underwood fans.

**”Keep your trap shut!”.”

**You have low intelligence!”


**”You are ignorant and rude!”

**”You are highly disrespectfuel!”…well there it is “direspect-fuel!”

This is when the “truthiness” of one’s “disrespect-fuelness”..is revealed !

The reason why I found it impossible to like Carrie’s Underwood’s Underwhelming and almost blasphemous “anti-performance performance”.

**Apart from the obvious insult to bad dinner theater …Carrie is a freakin’ heavy duty heavy Republican donor..She ‘s the enemy…

I was attacked by “TWITTERING TEA PARTY musical aficionados.!!!” TEA BAGS  can’t tell acting from arm wrestling and they just can’t spell!!

Clears things up neatly……

And that’s not being “disrespectfuel!….

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