DEC 7th  1941..

“The day the Japanese Imperial Military guys should have read their Taro cards with a little more care.”

It was a day of the consolidating of an ultimate arrogant belief.

A belief where a bunch of puffed up seriously flawed and unaware war mongering strategists were strutting around in the their 20th century Samurai finery and were still thinking that ‘brute force” could bring their vision of total domination of the World to a final victorious conclusion.

They were ignorant vicious foolish little men with eyes much bigger than their battalions and their Zeros. The sheer unadulterated egotistical philosophy of these believers doomed them from before the very first bomb was dropped on the unsuspecting and ill prepared American fleet at Pearl Harbor.

So in the long run rather than preparing to occupy and rule their new economic Empire they had sealed their own doom and were to be to blasted off the face of the earth.

A tiny island with hardly any natural resources.? Their ally far away in Europe fighting the rest of the World heh?

They occupied the Philippine Islands and the Indonesian Islands?

They wanted to occupy the sub continents of China and India?”

They were going to invade and occupy the continent of Australia?.”

‘What the hell were they thinking?”

All these populations will become our worker slaves. Germany will have the Northern Hemisphere we’ll have the South. Simple math for the single minded.

HOWEVER …≥When they bombed PEARL they bombed the wrong people.

They got the wrong people mad…but above it all Wall Street saw this as an opportunity but not for these Asian rats…

They found it useful for bringing the US economy back into big time shape. Full employment..war bonds…

American business now had something they knew Americans had to have to be really and truly motivated somebody to hate!

The Japanese economic peeps should’ve spoken with the Tokyo version of Kreskin who would’ve told them: “Wait a few years …Americans will get a taste for Sushi and they’ll love your cars that don’t break down”…

“It’ll save you losing hundreds of thousands of Japanese troops and civilians and having your cities flattened!  You’ll all get rich and buy Hawaii without bombing it.”…

Unfortunately those ultra right wing conservative military industrial politicians and military leaders in the 1940’s didn’t have the brains to see this.

They just had guns and tanks and planes and they so wanted to use them.

December 7th is a day to teach us all to “watch our backs”.

The arrogant right wing is still with us.

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