A sitting African-American President paid the ultimate tribute to a late  African President.

President Obama shook hands with Raoul Castro.

A photo opportunity which was the ultimate in bringing Nelson Mandela’s philosophy to the World scene.

“Old enemies must stop the hate and find the way!”

South Africa where Nelson Mandela took the first giant step in a conciliation with his sworn enemies in the name of bringing peace and sanity to his beloved country.

Today when Obama stopped and put out his hand to Raoul Castro he was saying in simple terms what Nelson argued:

“Enough is enough!”.  “It cannot go on like this!”

“We must grow up and face our internal opposition head on.”

“We must find ways to bring our people together come hell and high water. There is no other answer, humanity must win and bigotry and fear must be overcome in the name of unity.”

Sounded extremely pie in the sky for the White Boer and British stock South Africans and the African Nationalist Congress.

It took a few good men on either side and an amazing amount of patience and brilliance but it was done!

Obama put a shot across the bows of the ultra-right in this country today.

The idiotic fifth grade Fox News screaming has already begun but it will not stop this PRESIDENT from pressing forward with steps to improve relationships with this country so close to its shores and so isolated for so long.

Obama is on his way to personal greatness what ever however shrill the naysayers react.

Those of us who totally understand this symbolism of his gesture will long remember it as watching Obama is being placed in the history books as another great leader who took the chance there’s goodwill in most men and women.

It just needs to be put in front of their faces so they can make the right choice.

The American psyche is on an unstoppable path to its future and the choices have never been more clearly defined.

Question is:

“Is this country opening up to face its multiracial future where an open user-friendly government continues to running things. A government that keeps creating the necessary safeguards for all its people and finding diplomatic ways of solving its international problems?…..


Will it succumb to the corporate imaging of a country run like a business. A country where the majority of its people are enslaved as lower class worker bees. Where Southern state slave mentality has been honed again into a sophisticated 21st century system of 1% ownership and drone subservience to a set of inhumane debilitating rules?

This will be the choice. Crossroads.?

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