Guns don’t kill people , people kill people ..the people just have guns along for the fun of it.

They feel safer with guns, and their kids are of course not as safe! Kids seem to be blowing each others heads off in the sanctity of many homes. Guns don’t kill Kids …Kids kill kids..with guns that are just lying around the house….

We all should have guns in our homes to protect ourselves from the criminals with guns who’ll be attacking us right?

This is a good idea.!! It means that this country is less safe than say Japan or Australia where hardly any people at all have guns. “Nada people”…

So the criminals there find it hard to get guns and consequently the gun death rate is just above a fat zero. Makes a crazy kinda sense…

When ever we write about gun control on this blog it brings out the most unreasonable angry comments.

Like we’re the nut cases…

We wrote about gun worship this week on FACE BOOK. We were called delusional and out of touch with the main stream.

This paints a picture of the “main stream” bristling with maximum fire power who’d shoot the postman if he dared to come onto the front porch with lemon cake delivery from granny.

Normal rational people go bonkers if you call for more gun control like perhaps cutting down on 100 round magazines and easy to buy anti-tank rocket launchers.

I’d rather have a big dog than a big gun however. Cops tell me that a couple of large Rottweilers will deter the guys with guns if indeed they even have guns.

Cops don’t want us to have guns … we could shot them instead…
and enough cops are shooting at innocent people for no reason today also.

All this criticism however will lead nowhere as the NRA has a strangle hold this issue.

That’s more violence….strangling we mean…




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