Jesus-and-dinosaur-e1299096274567-634x865There’s a photo on the web of SALVADOR DALI  and HARPO MARX they are standing next to a harp…it makes a person think…

It’s a classic reminder of the tribute to life’s absurdities that of some of our greatest minds gave to us.

We live and have always lived in surreal eras.

In fact if we look back its all been pretty damn weird.

War for instance  is weird..

In 1914 we fought the “War to End All Wars” in which the flower of the youth of many European and other continents and countries were wasted because of course it wasn’t the war to end all wars…

Only a few years later we fought another World war this time some of our allies from the first World war were now our enemies…Go figure.

Salvador and Harpo probably did figure it out ..It was the theater of the absurd.

PETER O’ TOOLE died today and this is another reminder of the absurd for this your friendly blogger.

“The Ruling Class!” was a brilliant absurdest movie in which Peter played a rich demented inbred heir to a fortune of old English money. He was in an institution as he was his own version of JESUS CHRIST. He looked like Jesus, he dressed as JESUS and he actually performed miracles in the confines of the asylum. When he became the sole recipient of the family fortune he was rehabilitated thru therapy and was cured of being JESUS. However he wasn’t through with the art of inbred demented British aristocratic role playing…He magically changed into Jack the Ripper.

The point of this blog is not so much of an observation of the way things are but a reminder that we are governed by a totally unknown universal quantity that we have no control over.

Its called fate.

Some of us are resigned to the fact what ever has happened and will continue to happen is being guided by a force so powerful that it is the sum total of our existence.

It asks ultimate question with the ultimate absurd answer!

Who the hell put us here ..and why the hell did they do it?

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