The A&N people must be spitting chips about Ol’ Phil from “Duck Dynasty “He’s opened up such a mouth in GQ Magazine.

Ol’ Phil suddenly thinks he’s so sacrosanct and all rating  powerful he can “git his self ‘political’ and say right wing Christian ant-gay shit!”

Ol’ Phil should’ve stuck to homilies about blasting defenseless ducks out of the sky!

Already the EPA has decided to fumigate O’ Phil’s beard and will throw a striped tent over his ass in hopes of killing all the bigotry hiding in the whiskers from hell.

He’s been quoting the old testament and telling folks gays are unnatural. If you get a look at the Dynasty gang they also qualify for unnatural.

Fox News of course give Ol’ Phil his shaggy head and let him sprout off his homophobia to the welcoming Nimrod’s the Fox DEMOGRAPHIC.

This kind of divisive crap is just something we don’t need in our society right now…

A&E is an entertainment network…this red neck fool should stick to entertaining ..we don’t need to hear his opinions about anything other than how to make “quack quack” sounds that attract ducks and geese to their death!

If we get lucky Dick Cheney will visit and there may be a hunting accident.

In the meantime there’s a rumor that there are many tiny fundamentalist hiding in those big greasy beards..

Sorry for that visual…We’ve almost reached Armageddon in the reality world…and this kind of thing gives us the clue as to the rating audience.

Thanks a lot but no thanks from this end…


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