“Embarrassment 101″………


Never having followed reality programming much.. knowing first hand how utterly false it was ..it was never the less shocking to find out just how duped I was by the bird slaughterers of Duck Dynasty.

Phil is really a very smart cookie..he is without a doubt the Donald Trump of the swamps. He and his clan are no more full-time redneck duck call manufacturers than I am a worshiper of the Sun God RA.

This “reality” show idea was created by a clever producer who wrote and appeared in a documentary movie about the porn industry….that ought start the “think” ball rolling here.

There’s a brilliant rant on You Tube right now explaining perfectly the total hoax perpetrating on the show’s 14,000,000 avid fanatical fans…check it out please. It’s a reality bite that’s made these bearded costumed actors into multimillionaires. The Southern dude who did the rant is an amazing storyteller and there are photos revealing the family to be rich yuppies before the beards and the headbands and the sh*it kicking. Arrogance, as it always does however, betrays them.

This is a definite Cohen Brothers movie!

I am personally in awe of the hoax..it sure fooled me even with the knowledge of reality shows being scripted without WGA writers by amateur scab production show runners.

I fell for the glib gay bible quoting put downs!

I was outraged and in rereading my own diatribes I realized by NOT WATCHING the series they got me and they got me real good. I made a classic mistake of not researching my angry reply to Phil Robertson’s cynical and purposefully knee jerk imitation biblical tirade against the gay community.

“I knee jerked to this jerk’s knee jerk!”

He is A MASTER of fake RELIGIOUS Christian rabble rousing. Just pick a vulnerable minority and cut them to shreds. Gays… Jews…Vegans…rappers…poor people…the Obama family…

I was fooled…as were the “DD” duped fans and followers who probably are still going to go for this fantasy as some kind of truth.

Here’s the facts ma’am …Duck Dynasty is FOX NEWS with beards and duck death….

We have all been fooled by the show’s total unmitigated white supremacy  red neck fake content…

We have all been fooled by a “bible thumping humping” of a minority which is always in such pain from bigotry anyway.  These are very clever bigots and they tapped into the “open wounded side”of this country the side that stays involved deeply in its traditional racist and negative strains.

I am personally embarrassed for allowing myself to be so sucked into their web of deception…but it does prove to never go off half-cooked on anything without really looking deeply into its motives.

This is corporate… it is NOT as ideological as it appears.  I have lost my touch and that’s not a good place to find ones self.

I have however done the “Christian” thing and forgiven myself.

Phil and the fake reality Christians will have to face Jesus one day and see what He and his Dad have to say to them as far as forgiveness is concerned.

Right now they will continue to enjoy the fruits of their deception with their fans and Bobby Jindel a governor who is a fool but who will probably never know it.

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