As Christmas Day approaches “ye faithful”are gathering for family fun and worshiping.

Jews find it weird that Christians celebrate the birth of one of them with such fervor. The description of a person as “Christian” would not take hold for many years to come after that fateful day in a manger. Who knew about Jesus?

If you ask an average Christian today a simple question like: “Was Jesus a Christian?” what would you suppose the average supposed answer would be?

The teachings of historic JESUS are laid out for us in the New Testament. He was a gentle healer of the physical and the spiritual.The truths and the myths combined to make a picture.

His philosophy, if adhered to in its original purest form today, would be closer to Socialism than to CAPITALISM.

Independent politician Bernie Sanders is closer to being a true spokesperson for the teachings of JESUS than most of the so-called religious leaders of today.

Is it the “Christian thing to do” to cut food stamps to the poor in their time of need.

Is it the “Christian thing to do” to cut unemployment benefits for the needy right after the Christian’s holiday?

Is it a “Christian thing to do” to attempt to deny voting rights to minorities..and to keep the minimum wage so low that average people can never catch up.

Is it the “Christian thing to do” to push for draconian cuts in benefits for the old and in-firmed.

Ask a well-known Christian this…

Ask Paul Ryan .

Ask John Boehner…they are both “Christians”..

….and ask Eric Cantor he’s a Jew like Jesus.

Christianity today is a joke as are millions of  “ye faithful”

“Ye faithful” , the fundamentals who profess to love Jesus but do not follow His teachings but rather follow some really screwed up bigoted fantasy that they’ve created.They are an unfunny cruel joke.

They live in a fantasy that excuses their irrational heartless fanatical ideas and supplements their naked fear of any different form of human behavior other than their narrow framed destruction negative elitists pseudo religious bullshit.

There are of course real Christians who do believe in the faith hope and charity of His word.

What is amazing however is how we don’t hear from them enough angrily denying the judgmental  narrow minded imitation faithful amongst them.

Pope Francis may light a flame amongst his version of the faith but the virulent opposition to his word from his own people is an indictment of how far the flock has strayed from it’s Masters idea of a perfect World.

exorcism1                            Okay everybody take out your snake and kiss it….


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