Tim Scott, Eric Cantor, Pete Sessions, Jeb Hensarling, John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, Kristi Noem

If Fox News, the Duck Dynasty bigots and the rest of the right wing gang have anything to do with it “they’re dreaming of a whiter than white Christmas.”

Hate to snow on their parade but the ducks may be dying at a great rate from a fake red neck and an even faker Christian quack calls… but we’ve got news for y’all …right-wing whitest America… as a force to be reckoned with… is dying out too!

No amount of synthetic MALLARD noise makers can speed up this particular all American death throw.

An authentic brand new dynamic America is taking shape…


The ethnic shape of this country’s future is invested in its sperm bank.

The white panic is encapsulated in the absolutely ludicrous responses from the Right  to the inevitable shift that will happen whatever obstacles are put in its way by the elite corporate society now so totally dictating the terms in which we live.


A mythical Santa is mystically white according to Fox News.

Jesus is white….and gays get included in this panic…they lead us to bestiality…even the white gays who are not strictly really white as they are damned.

The Southern states are confused..Bobby Jindal is not white but he acts white…what’s that all about? … at least he’s not black…but what is he?

It will only become more and more crazy like this past week Michele Bachmann saying stuff like “Jesus must’ve been white because the Bible is written in English”.

Did she realLy say that.? …gotta check that on Snopes.

With all this ethnic talk we have found some strange bedfellows in Congress!

Whiter than white “Tea Par-tiers” and Boehner an Orange colored guy and an Eric Cantor, who is Jewish which is a little too suspect for most racists!  Most Jews would rather see Eric become agnostic or be kidnapped and sold into Muslim slavery.

As the birth rate changes the scared sh*tless AARP-ists and Southern white folks who still have statues of Robert E Lee as lawn ornaments … will be fighting a rear guard action that will turn them even whiter

As white as a sheet with eye holes.

Extreme hate filled and unreasonable dialogue can be heard throughout the US.

Where are the more ecumenical Christians  here…are they scared of reprisals  or do they not exist?

Pope Francis appears to be on the right side of religious history..Let those that believe in a fair shake for all colors join him.

It’s the CATHOLIC thing to do.

Meanwhile have a very merry all colors of the rainbow Christmas and thanks for your support and comments from both sides of the anger aisle.

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