fascism-poster-gop2                                                  Christian Fascists.

They’ve always been here and everywhere around the World.

From the Crusades to the medieval Popes like the Borgia brigade and on through the brutal Spanish Inquisition and even before that. The bogus witch hunts of the Calvinist reformers and on and on to the rape of Mexico and to Argentina and many other South American countries that lived for decades under Roman Catholicism’s cohabitation with military dictatorships. Hitler and Mussolini used bogus religious trimmings to consolidate their power.

But we all know this…and we don’t need a history lesson or do we?

Right here and right now in the 21st Century in this country of ‘free speech’ we are facing a virulent hard right Christian Fascist movement led by a merciless inhuman corporate lobby which has cynically joined forces with the relentlessly racist and bigoted extremist Christian fundamentalist movement.

We also know this… but seeing it simply laid out… it might help some of us to know how to understand its meaning and how combat it.

There’s no doubt it is a powerful well-organized force that combines the power of religion and the power of monied politics, which is of course, the exact opposite of what the founding fathers had in mind for this country.

The professed ‘philosophy’ of this alliance is “smaller government.”

This is complete bullsh*t!!

Religion is total big government!

Corporate power is total big government!

But not government “for the people and by the people!”

FASCISM is a rigid one-dimensional dual combination of fake religious doctrine and a conniving executive branch of business CEO’s who would together to dictate national policies down through the ranks with all that power coming from the top with absolutely no questions asked: “Just do as we say !!”

In the Christian Fascist Fantasy World of today …God and Money are all-powerful and all the people must submit to these two monuments to mind control.

We also have a “news” network called Fox that spends its entire time pushing the theory that big government sucks.

This “news” is, however, being”governed” by an old Australian Fascist and his Goebbels like crony who have total control of every word coming from the semi-porn blondes and blustering buffoons they have hired.

Meanwhile over at religion we have the “Duck Death Defenders ” screaming about free speech while being able to use it to make Christian Fascist statements! Bigoted falsehoods about a minority who they have nothing to do with… or know anything about… other than some crap they found in their bible that they are governed by before the birth of Christ!

Makes a great deal of sense to me..how about you?




2 Responses

  1. Well said! I concur on all of the explanations and justifications that you speak of above. Nice that you intelligently but simply call them on their b%#@*&#!.. I cannot stand watching the news and totally stay away from Faux News. Listening to their innuendo’s and lies, infuriates me every single time or I wind up laughing looking at it as satire.

    • thanks Wendy as usual…and happy new year too…

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