“Nonreality” TV……………

the hills villa blanca 170310When my daughter called me raving about the fact that a reality TV show had chosen her to be in their latest production my heart sank. The format was one of those wife swapping shows.

Having been producing shows for 35 years it was easy to see why everybody wants to have their 15 minutes of fame. However reality TV has given many of those people much more than 15 minutes to play with on their flat screen.

I advised her not to do it…but why would your kids do anything sensible you asked them to even though they were brought up in a show business home?

This was the show where the producers send an up scale wife and mother to a low-class home and the low-class wife and mom to the up scale house for a week. My daughter is gorgeous, successful and was happily married with two great and very well-behaved and well educated kids. The woman sent to take her place for a week was from a Southern state and had a bunch of kids who looked like they had never seen a vegetable other than a French fry.

The reality show producers make the participants sign a contract that states if you divulge any of the details of this show’s production to anyone you forfeit the $50,000 payment.

When the show aired my daughter was not my daughter but some over the top rich woman philosophizing her perfect live style point of view to this family of waddling dummies. The woman in my daughter’s house was resentful of the lifestyle and critical of my grandchildren. The voice over commentary made my grandson out to be a loser at his little league baseball team and my grand-daughter to be a spoiled brat, while her husband was a rude angry guy.

None of this even vaguely resembled who and what they stood for.

The aired shows made me so personally angry that I wanted to go over to the show’s production offices and kick some ass. My daughter however was enthralled with the recognition and the notoriety so I faded my anger and disgust into a muted “Glad you liked it!” attitude. My son in law’s Polish American mother however was not so quiet and threatened to withhold Polish food from the family for ever.

I tell this tale to express my disdain for most of reality television. It is to say it is almost never-never “reality.” People’s daily lives are just NOT that action packed.. Most of all reality shows are detailed bogus plot lines conceived by producers who do not employ union guild writers.

The networks love this as they get many episodes of shows for little cost using non guild amateurs and the public as their entertainment production values.

They are essentially union busting.

This of course they are perfectly in their right to do. Calling these shows “reality” is however not kosher. They are fraudulent in their delivery and although they are entertaining to mass audiences they are mostly cynical and manipulative in their approach to the public.

The “public” however love it because they actually think what they’re looking at is “real” and ever if they’re told it isn’t they tend to believe it anyway..

Its kinda like religion….and Fox News…

housewives-new-york                              “HOUSEWIVES OF BOTOX COUNTY”



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  1. Excellent commentary on the state of “reality illusion disillusion” and the producers who want us to buy it! Thanks for sharing the REAL “reality” behind the scenes as it was for your family.

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