“ISSA DOPE”…………..


One of the most obnoxious and egotistical right wing lap dogs and an excuse for a man is constantly begging for media attention.

Unfortunately some media is always there to allow him to preen and lie his dumb ass off.

His very presence in Washington should be ended in a possible anonymous series of drone strikes.. His name  is Darrel Issa.

Every bogus grandstanding investigation this creepy loser has fervently pushed on various tax payer’s expensive Washington sub committee hearings have been proven to have been weak due to lack of substance.

This stuff also goes on in his pants.

The New York Times recent detailed debunking of Issa and the rest of the BENGHAZI conspiracy theory people with their undies in a knot is a typical reality check in this white-collar criminal and his cronies and their constant anti-American sedition.Their findings were bullshit!

Their hatred for Liberalism is only surpassed by their hatred of having to have a “NEGRO” as their Commander in Chief.

They are “fifth column dirt bags” and not worthy of any position in the United States Government. Put Lindsay Graham at the top of that slime list.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT …Darrell Issa is intent on bringing down the elected government of his own country and sees himself as an important cog in that wheel of destruction.

However Darrell Issa has all the power of a Eunuch is a room full of nymphomaniacs!….

Many of us who went to a Witch’s Coven this week offered up this prayer :

“May the Bird of Paradise fly over Darrell and take a giant crap on his unworthy indictable head.”


“In the new year Darrell will self destruct and be taken to a US Post Office where he will be sorted by pissed off postal workers and categorized as Junk Mail.”..

post_office_truck-210752    Classic car category “zero to 60 in 3 minutes and 20 seconds!”


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