“Sinking feeling!”………………



What is 2014 shaping up to be?

Do we have that sinking feeling or is there optimism in the air?

I have that sinking feeling as wave upon wave of total unfeeling ignorance and inhumane cruelties seems to be pervading the airwaves and the web waves.

Corporations seem even more oblivious to the damage they’re bringing to the table …both with their political aspirations and their obvious disdain for the very environment they live in with the rest of us.

When the new-found hero and darling of the right wing is a fake Bible thumping perverted old ex dug addict who champions the marriage of fifteen year old girls and the open hatred for social change and minorities things are not straightening themselves out…no way Jose!!

We have 27 States of the Union governed by Right Wing REPUBLICANS who are almost in treasonous revolt against the national  government’s lawful healthcare plan for their people. This gives me a sinking feeling.

On the other hand Obama is the most popular guy in the World and only 33 percent of Americans think a Godlike figure created the Earth in 7 days.

These 33 percent are obviously mostly living in the 27 states who are ruled by REPUBLICANS. Do the Algebra.

Mostly prehistoric bones are probably never ever found where REPUBLICANS OR FUNDAMENTALISTS  live as if would be too confusing for them to see the skull of a man or woman who was proven to have been born long before God came up with Adam and Eve and the talking snake.

Belief in stuff is cool and everyone has the right to have an opinion whether it be from a Bible or a science book.

If Ted Cruz ,who went to HARVARD really believes in the Ark makes one think he may not be fit to rule a country. A vibrant intelligent country in some states where 66% of us don’t really think much of that Ark thing as a fact all of of life in cramped conditions during a flood that killed everything else on the planet apart from the well-known and popular  Noah Family

.It’s a tough one…but then again so was the Magna Carta.


I was mildly optimistic until Duck Dynasty put a wrench in my mouth..43,000,000 people watch that hideous fake bullshit crappy racist nonsense…add that to the FOX NEWS regular millions and “Houston we have a problem”..It’s tale of two countries dividing themselves up from one country that I’d grown to really love.

It’s a pity to say this but there are places here and now that I never want to visit and I never felt like that before.

If the Right wing’s idea is to divide and conquer then they’ve done that and that is why many of us have that sinking feeling.

We need a few lifelines to make us feel better…


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