Franklin Graham                    “MY DAD IS BILLY GRAHAM THANK YOU GOD!

We all worship something..it might be Almighty God or the almighty dollar…or in the case of the mega church pastors both.

These con artists have been around for as long as all forms of worship pagan or otherwise  have been around.

Religious leaders of all faiths down through time have been obsessed with accruing power through doctrine and on to unbelievable wealth.

They have preyed on the weaknesses and fears of the ignorant masses and their weapons have been fear of the unknown and of other suspicious faiths.

Do you agree with this?

Even if you believe in a God do you really think a God would want you to be in fear?

“Fear” is a negative and huge swathes of the enlightened people in the more educated countries around the World are coming around to this conclusion.

These people believe you can worship God if you want to but it isn’t a sin or evil not to.They believe that various indoctrinating religions have caused and are still causing most of the wars around the world. They believe that without various medieval religion’s influences peace might break out every where. They believe that was the true message of Jesus, “peace and love” and not “violence and retribution.”

Bill Maher is an outspoken atheist and his enthusiastic audiences laugh at his Jesus jokes and cheer when he puts down Moses, the Ark and Adam and Eve. He is a likable comedian who has huge success in his live shows even in the South.

Phil Robertson is a reality star Christian and an outspoken homophobic racist. He’s a huge hero of the Conservative right at this moment even in the North but he’s about as likable and humorous as a dung beetle in heat.

One of my best friends is a devout Christian who totally believes that JESUS is his savior and that he can pray away disaster. He is a bright caring human being who works for a charity that cares deeply for the less fortunate. I love this man and what he stands for. For the past few years he has been betrayed by his own fellow Christians in some highly unethical dealings where only lawyers made any money and the charity he works so diligently to protect was nearly destroyed by the greed and ego of his apparent friends. The situation changed somewhat lately with a large donation from a local philanthropist.  During the rough time my friend’s faith was sorely tested and we talked about it. He knows my feelings about spiritual matters and we have mutual respect for each others views. I am amazed by his total immersion in his believe and I see he will never be swayed from his faith. He believes that God will take care of him and as things got a little better he puts that down to God.

After growing up as a devote protestant choir boy and studying the Bible and finding no solace in its teachings I sometimes I wish I could go back to the faith my friend shares with the true Christians out there.

The true Christians I know do seem at peace with themselves, it’s a pity about the millions who sit and listen to the Joel Osteen con game and other millions who listen to the Mullah’s bullsh*t.

….And I trust my agent but only as far as I could throw him….



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