JUST IN!…President Holland of France impregnated his mistress and his poll numbers go up!…and they say sex and politics don’t mix.

There’s something subliminal in the words “poll and “pregnancy”

Here President Bill Clinton “did not have sex with that woman!” …because  of what he thought “is ” meant…

It didn’t mean  ‘is”  but the other  “is” in his runaway train of thought. 

If you’ve studied Zen you’d probably understand this “is” use better. 

In the long run having “non-is sex” with that woman didn’t hurt the Big Dog much. His legacy “is” more that he brought the deficit to its knees rather than Monica.

But meanwhile back to France…a man having a mistress on the side is obviously about as common as having a side of legumes on the side.

In fact to quote a joke of mine recently: “In France E Harmony has a two for one sale on right now …you can get a compatible wife and mistress for the same money!”

The issues in this country right now can be boiled down to such a simplistic state that logic can actually be supplied.

America still has a puritanical streak as wide as Chris Christie’s girth.

This country is a strange combination of amazing forward thinking and brilliant innovation… and on the other side of the combo… stupid extremist “Duck Dynasty” right wing narrow framed sexual religious suppression.

These two dimensions live side by side in this country but defiantly NOT in E-Harmony!

Here’s the rub… polls show that unwed teenage pregnancies are higher in the states with major fundamental Christian majorities than anywhere.

Local politics don’t talk about these scandals.

So the moral of this blog line is:

“If you’re gonna have a political scandal don’t jam up a bridge and get in hot water…get a hot mistress and it’ll blow over faster ..which is another not so hard subliminal use of  words to prove a point.”  


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