It’s nothing new but it’s growing into a national pastime..And it isn’t always the GOP..that said ..Right now it is!

No one really believes Chris Christie’s over the top denying bullshit…and now the amazingly corrupt Governor Bob McDonnell has just been charged with a number of outright criminal acts. The list of his indiscretions reads like a rewrite of the Wolf of Wall Street.

“YES VIRGINIA THERE IS A WHITE COLLAR CRIMINAL AMONGST YOU ….and he’s wearing a Rolex Watch he got as a bribe.”

The naivety of these supposedly smart people when they get into major power positions is just plainly unbelievable..

They obviously think they’re in such rarefied air that their shit doesn’t stink. They taken a course in arrogance 101.

It will take an entire Fox News network and batteries of high-powered lawyers making tremendous fees to try to stem the tide of the righteous indignation of the millions of people they’ve betrayed.

People let down with their false promises of “taking care of them”when all they’re doing is raking in illegal cash and bribes or making political moves to enhance their careers and just taking care of themselves.

They are mindless selfish bastards…

The American people will be asked at the end of this year to vote for a new Congress and Senate…The way things are shaping up for the REPUBLICAN PARTY they may find more of their candidates under indictment or in jail than on the campaign trial.

angry-birds_610x355         Much more of this and we’re gonna defecate on their parade!



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