tommy_cooperSurfing the web yesterday can make a sane person who may have just woken up from a 5 year coma want to sink back into another one.

Here are some of the headlines attributed to right wing nut case politicians from around the country.

*An elected official in Florida wants to “Hang Obama for war crimes.”

*An elected official in Missouri is suggesting “School kids be pulled from classes when teachers give lessons on evolution,”

*In Pennsylvania an elected official wants to “Legalize discrimination.”

*In Colorado an elected official says that :”pot will turn his state into a violent criminal society.

*In Alaska an elected official wants to:” Make abortion a domestic violence crime!”

In Michigan an elected official wants to: “Herd all the Indians into Detroit, put a wall around it and throw corn in for them!”

On CNBC last night some guy called Kevin praised the fact that 85 billionaires owned more than most of the rest of the World’s population put together…in fact he called it “Fantastic!”

This is pure insanity. It’s a world gone mad in public!

Most of these thoughts and ideas are not new however..They’ve been in the hearts and minds of the radically crazed FASCISTS since for ever.

It seems however that in the society we’ve created lately that being able to proclaim that you want to “hang the PRESIDENT” is acceptable to large sections of the country. As for “legalizing discrimination” this sounds like a bad Dave Letterman joke that’s not even deserving of fake applause. But there it is as a real news item made by an “elected official.”

Are these jokers?..no they are not… are they insane?…no they are not ..are they symptomatic of a slippage in the intelligence of millions and the tolerance level of the country?


And we hate to say this but it all sounds much too insanely Christian.



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