“Compounding idiots!”……………..


The ridiculous rantings and ravings of people like Mike Huckabee make you wonder what they hope to achieve by this and who the hell they’re aiming the ravings at?

Mike’s latest idiocy is wrapped in a negative rambling speech he made concerning birth control…


Why on earth he chose BC to attack was even beyond some of the more rabid woman haters amongst the REPUBLICAN/FASCIST American party.

Mike..you freaking tool…98% of all women are in favor of some kind of birth control for themselves , their daughters their grand daughters and their female puppies!!

When religiously crazy nut jobs like Huckabee are given media forums to talk about the evils of giving women “cheap GOVERNMENT birth control pills… which according to him … causes: “Out of control women’s libido’s” …to go crazy!!!… He’s saying all women can be sluts if they can get a free hump…

This kind of ding-dong assholeness plays directly into the waiting hands of the DEMOCRATIC party’s campaign staff’s video editing rooms.

These dedicated creative DEMOCRATIC workers are waiting at the pass to pounce on the “compounding idiots’ of the GOP to give them the sound bites that will make them look like utter clueless buffoons to the independent voter who has to choose between reality and extremist right-wing Christian stupidity and corporate white-collar corruption.

Christie, O’Donnell, Cruz, Paul, Boehner , Cantor, Ryan, are already giving them the “meat and potato quote menu” for Democratic attack ads.


Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, destroyed himself this week by congratulating a convicted sex offender for holding down a well-paying long time non-union job. He said his people failed a background check…confidence building way to run a state Scotty..remind us to beam you out later this year….

Compounding idiots strike again.!

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