StageLightsHow many times in the last 40 years have we forgotten about the diminutive song writer and actor Paul Williams?

Suddenly last night there he was a big time winner at the very end of the Grammy’s making the best speech of the night!…Wow!!

It was a monumental moment for many of us veterans of the constant battle to remain relevant in an every changing creative community. Paul has been through hell and back and he wrote a book about it which to many was a difficult read. He laid himself bare and told his story from his guts….He got by but NOT with a little help from some of his friends.

So when Paul won the Grammy for his collaboration with Deff /Daft Punk and the FRENCH ROBOTS on the hottest dance/crossover album of the year it was a stupendous fantastic thing and a monumental tribute to the survival of the human spirit and the revival of a creative genius. To top even that Paul…in his insightful speech… put the “on camera” marriages of those 30 happy couples in its perspective for anybody who missed  that wonderful moment of joy and meaningful social comment.

Paul… while also acknowledging his co-producers …spent quality time away from the obligatory “thanking God “stuff to review the thrilling celebration of the fruition of love so beautifully portrayed  by the producers and creative staff of the Grammy’s.

To this writer… so far in 2014…this was  the first great “feel good moment.”  Thank you Paul Williams you deserve it all …you are a giant talent wrapped up in a small but powerful package.

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