Why does the GOP want to hurt so many of their fellow Americans who are still  suffering through awful and debilitating  hard times inflicted on them originally by the hopeless feckless George W. Bush Administration? 

The Republicans in the Senate just voted down the extension on the long-term unemployment bill for over 2,000,000 men and women who need the benefits just to survive.

These vindictive pols took away their fellow American’s safety and dignity and almost certainly put many of them on the streets. Families who relied on these dollars just to survive will now face goodness knows what.

THE SENATORS lame excuse is we can’t keep giving government handouts to lazy dependent people who rely on the government.

What narrow minded bullshit!

It appears that in voting this bill down there are certain elected officials who are gleefully calling this a victory for smaller government.

A victory over what? Punishing the innocent over a budget philosophy.

This is the World according to Paul Ryan and Rand Paul! A utopia for supply side trickle down economics where the rich will begin to trickle down their profit chain and everyone will become better off.

Trouble with this is greed and just like any one-dimensional philosophy that dictates simplistic pie in the sky monetary doctrines it was and is still doomed to eventual failure.

YET HERE WE GO AGAIN and who is listening this time? 

The usual suspects THE RICH and elitist business arm of the upper middle class and the indoctrinated poor whites.

Robert REICH makes sense when  he says this way of thinking is unsustainable and cannot work in a Democratic system.

The middle class need to earn the money that the corporations need get from them while selling  their product.  If that isn’t ever happening then eventually the consumer won’t be able to consume any more.

The whole country won’t even be able to shop at Wal-Mart and Goodwill will become the new Neiman Marcus.

It’s just plain lunacy but the Right seems to be infected with it


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