Jerry…Jerry ..Jerry…your choice of words this week have pissed off a great many people in the comedy community ..Throughout the years since your huge funny hit show’s run you’ve stayed clearly rich and out of the limelight.

You kept doing the stand up thing as did other very well-heeled comics like Leno and Chris Rock and you didn’t try to transition to the movies as Ray Romano did with disastrous consequences.

You stayed cool thru some bad television show choices and we were impressed.

So what’s with this sudden pontificating angry white comedy schtick?  Your point was an okay one…but your choice of words made many in the stand up comedy world want to stick a microphone up your ass.

To give you the “benefit of the shout out” perhaps you were using some back to front language to try to make the point that funny is funny and transcends political correctness.

“I have no interest in gender or race or anything like that!” taken at its face value however Jerry would tend to send some in the world of laughs into a shorts tightening fit.

I for one think I know what you intended to say as I peeled  the arrogance factor away to see it as a statement meaning this:

“You can’t tell me what I have to do to make people laugh..I do that my way and it works for me so f*ck off.” 

Most comics successful or unsuccessful feel that way.

I know you not to be a racist but in the Tea Party /Palin World of today a degree of sensitivity to the climate can avoid the firestorm  you caused.

Usually the comedy community rallies around a comic in controversy..in this case somehow or other you seem to have divided it considerably.

As a producer and writer of comedy I have been acutely aware of the disparity in the ethnic makeup of writing staffs.

This continues today with a dearth  of Black , Latino and  Women writers on many comedy show staffs. The SNL debacle is a case in point. 

I for one actively attempt to fill the creative assignments in  shows with as wider a variety of creative talent as possible. I do not do this because I have to but because it makes for a better funnier show. Plus the staff assembled looks around the room each day and feels good about the whole thing.

This is good for the Jews..and everybody else.

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